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London One Radio launches live evening sessions

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London One Radio launches live evening sessions

12 August, 2015 - After 9 months of radio, podcasts, and 12 trials for on air sessions, London One Radio can finally say it's ready for live evening sessions. The Italian radio of the UK will begin broadcast at 8pm in September, when all listeners are invited to tune in at Journalist Philip Baglini, who manages London One Radio, explains how the radio was born: “After creating the magazine that I still manage today  -ItaloEuropeo(, which has the patronage of the Italian Consulate in London, I wondered what could be more useful to Italians coming into London, and radio seemed like the best answer. This is a radio that wants to give a voice to Italians in London, wants to have them share their experiences in this city and bring this city to life with sounds more than just words.” London One Radio is a space for music, entertainment, information and sharing. “We want to be a reference point for Italians in London, and we want to be a contact point for the people tuning in and listening to us,” explains Baglini. The radio is supported by the magazine ItaloEuropeo and the tourist information site “Our radio is a web radio, it doesn't have limits in terms of FM waves - it can reach Italy or even Australia. And this is the point, we want to reach our fellow countrymen worldwide.” (Red – Cle)


There's a blossoming Italian presence in London, and according to Baglini, this is a "historical migration moment for London, with young Italians looking for jobs. But this is where they find the first obstacles: there's a lot of competition. And in order not to fall, you must conquer London before it eats you." Baglini explains, however, that even though there are many Italians in London, "it's weird calling it a community, because they live in different places, not only in London, but the UK in general, without a single place or neighborhood that identifies them."

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