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Music and solidarity to build the Earth Child House

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Music and solidarity to build the Earth Child House

(January 9, 2017) Sixteen songs written by the main Sardinian artists of world music and singer-songwriting, along with some prestigious international colleagues. United to spread the project, unique in the world, of the non-profit association Earth Child House ( the creation of a biosphere in Sardinia home for children with cancer. The structure has already been designed on paper, in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan, and now the association E.C.H. is seeking the necessary funds and land where to build it. The record "Echo", presented on December 21 in Sassari and available through shipping in Italy and abroad ( or, sends via music the message that some stages of the disease, especially when they concern children, can be experienced in a natural environment, away from the hospital ward, without giving up playing and being contact with nature. A concept stressed by the beautiful Tazenda song "Madre Terra" at the beginning of the record. Title track of the eponymous 2008 album, it is one of the most famous songs of the ethno-rock group founded in the late eighties by Andrea Parodi, Gino Marielli and Gigi Camedda. In the record in support of Earth Child House Tazenda propose a choral version of the song, opening with the verses of the poet Kahlil Gibran and interpreted together with all the artists who, with them, have made "Echo": Elena Ledda, Claudia Crabuzza, Nasodoble, Chichimeca, Elva Lutza, Piero Marras, Rossella Faa, Carlo Doneddu, Dr Boost, Cordas et Cannas, and international guests Acquaviva - Already Agricantus, Marie Hines, Clark Datchler, Lilian Vieira, Ester Formosa, Adolfo Osta. The House of Children of the Earth, thanks to the joint efforts of the association Earth Child House and the artists of "Echo", is attracting great interest. Not only at a national level, where one of the main sponsors is the Sardinian Seria A basketball team Dinamo Banco, but also abroad. Even before the release of the record (distributed by Tronos Digital), in fact, bookings through platform came from several nations and they have been many and generous, and requests continue unabated. (Red)


"Madre Terra" instantly became the anthem of the Earth Child House project, thanks to the video ( that the Dutch filmmaker Simone Walraven has developed during the recording of the song (in Alberto Erre Rockhaus Blue studio in Sassari). A video that, emphasizes Gino Marielli of Tazenda, "for the atmosphere, the emotional involvement and the importance of the cause that brings together many artists, recalls, albeit in a reduced size, the unforgettable We are the world from 1985 Use for Africa". In fact, the idea of "Echo" is precisely to start from Sassari and then involve other cities with a series of events and concerts, to spread as much as possible the name of House of Children of the Earth. A project that deserves to be shared, as well as sixteen tracks from "Echo" (including the new "Sa domo de sos Pitzinnos" by Elva Lutza, which echoes the project title in Sardinian). Sixteen different songs standing each for themselves in temperament, type of music, harmonic constructions and voice, but all united by the desire to contribute to a project never before even imagined. A house biosphere built with natural materials, rich in flowers, plants and animals, which will be built for the first time in Sardinia and will then become a model for similar experiences, designed to give peace of mind to children with cancer and other serious diseases.

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