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Rosé Semi Sec La Montina an award for the restyling

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Rosé Semi Sec La Montina an award for the restyling

(Oct. 3) Success for the redesign of Rosé Semi Sec de La Montina both in Italy and abroad. Last April t the winery from Brescia had already excellent results during the last edition of Vinitaly, presenting a preview of his new look: the label, the capsule up and the packaging. But the proper award came a few days ago in London, where the project (and in this case, the shopping bag) has been awarded as the best luxury packaging in the shopper category at the “Luxury Packaging Awards.” (red)

The “born in Italy” team is lead by Susanna Bonati, editor of “Comunicando”, called by the direction of La Montina to revitalize one of their flagship products, that needed a “charming feminine touch”, and to set the communication guidelines of the company. Bonati has conceived, designed and directed the artistic redesign of the look of Franciacorta Rosé Demi Sec of the “La Montina” itself, tracing the coordinates of a total revolution of style, feminizing and giving a new shape to a wine with a strong appeal for women. Together with Susanna there was Mauro Neri, designer of the entire project (owner of the creative agency Zen Art inVarese) and Gio Gatto, manufacturer of the most unique Italian paper bags.

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