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Easypop brings an all-Italian live jukebox to Kenya

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Easypop brings an all-Italian live jukebox to Kenya

(17 March 2016) “Tu vuò fa l’americano,” “Il cielo in una stanza”, “Il ragazzo della Via Gluck,” “Io vagabondo,” “Ancora tu,” and “La mia banda suona il rock”… But also “Azzurro”, “L’italiano”, and “Attenti al lupo”. This is just a tiny portion of the great musical repertoire from the 1950s to the 1980s performed today by Easypop, a group from the province of Rome. The group is composed of 6 friends who decided to combine their musical experiences to create a show, "The History of the Jukebox,” thanks to which the public has the opportunity to travel back in time, when bars had a jukebox in the corner, ready to play. To do this, Easypop built a special jukebox that allows viewers, through a special keyboard, to choose the song that the band will later perform live for them. And now Easypop brings this peculiar performance format to Nairobi. Ermanno Presagi, Enrico Innocenzi, Errico Fucetola, Viola Fiorentini, Patrizio Pirrone and Gianluca Fiorentini (aka Luka) will perform in an event organized by the Italian Cultural Institute for Friday, March 18th at the Mediterraneo Restaurant Junction. Colorful, surprising, innovative, “the show - explain the musicians - is a journey through time, an opportunity to relive the atmospheres of the past. Our special jukebox has 64 to 130 different song, freely selectable with a push-button, from the 1950s to the 1980s, both Italian and international, including great classics and lesser-known goodies, covering all genres and rhythms. The only difference is that instead of there being a jukebox in the room, there’s a live band. Us. Audiences choose and, after a few anecdotes, we play the song. We frequently bring on stage instruments used to make those songs, bringing back the original sounds and vibes from those times, just like a jukebox." (Red)


Luka Fiorentini trained as one of those piano men that are now a rare breed, performing the bass on his piano with the left hand, refusing to use musical bases. For his project, all he needed was a drum player. While Fiorentini began looking for someone his own age, with years of considerable experience, he soon realized that a 24-year-old Patrizio was instead a better fit. He knew the pieces, he liked the music. His curiosity and enthusiasm were Patrizio’s winning cards. The two met in 2010, creating Easypop and slowly building the group, with Viola Fiorentini’s sweet voice and the talents of the bass, guitar and sax.

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