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#grafieurbane at the Italian Cultural Institute, reportage artist Marina Misiti

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#grafieurbane at the Italian Cultural Institute, reportage artist Marina Misiti

(June 7, 2016) "One draws to rewrite a place, to review and relive it with different eyes. To portray a city, for me, is to enter into an emotional relationship with the place and with the people who live in it, to merge with what is drawn": word of Marina Misiti, reportage artist that will preview “#grafieurbane” next June 14 in Madrid: the rendezvous is at 20:00, promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute at its headquarters, in the context of activities occurring in parallel to the exhibition "Gabriele Basilico. Architecture and cities ", and the ICI’s artistic residences project “Art to come”. The artist will offer the public of the Italian Cultural Institute the expression of her artistic format: " Personal Urban Maps" (Mappe Urbane Personali- MUP), an illustrated reportage project started in 2005 in New York that expanded over the years in other urban contexts (London, Tokyo, Rome, etc.). It is an "emotional" landscape of the great metropolises of the world, of unprecedented textures identified and depicted artistically in a series of tracks, contours, forms and signs that have creatively come to light, contributing to the formation of a "personal urban vision". These "urban sketches" are also a rediscovery of the world as an intertwinement of signs to interpret. Portraying the city becomes a privileged way of comprehending (take with them, make their own) this intertwinement, and urban writing are not only image captions but images themselves expressed in different ways but with equal dignity. As in a calligram where one wonders what is figure and what is writing, even here symbols and images are intertwined to form an alternative and personal geography, an aesthetic and emotional cartography of cities. (Red)


Marina Misiti - journalist, photographer and reportage artist, graduate of anthropology - has been conducting very personal artistic research on the urban territory, conducted with instruments ranging from graphics to calligraphy writing, without forgetting the Personal Urban Maps (MUP), an intersection between documentation and lived experience.

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