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Italian and Arab businesses meet in Cagliari, Sardinia

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Italian and Arab businesses meet in Cagliari, Sardinia

(14 March 2017) 30 Italian businesses and 9 from the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Kuwait, and Lebanon. 70 business meetings to propose Sardinian food excellences with a focus also on energy, biomedicine, and ICT (Information and Computer Technology). These are the numbers of the Third Italian-Arab enterprise bourse that will commence on Friday 17 March at 9:30am (Hotel Regina Margherita, in the Villanova Salon) with a conference titled “Italy and the challenge on foreign markets: Sardinia in the internationalisation process of companies” with commercial affairs of the Egyptian Embassy, Galal M. El Sawy. During the Bourse, which also received contributions from the Sardinia Foudation, the Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Name Consulting will be available for free consultations. On Friday March 17 in the afternoon, there will be two workshops. The first, at 16:00 “Sardinian Food: Instruments and prospects of internationalistation towards Arab markets” (with Stefano Mameli and Valeria Kuhar); there will be a seminar at 17:30 titled “Internationalisation activities for businesses in the energy and environment sector” (with Alberto Scanu and Carlo Santoro). The Bourse will proceed until March 18 in the morning with an important meeting titled “Egypt meets Sardinian businesses) during which Minister El Sawy will illustrate to the participating businesses that are interested in investment opportunities in Egypt in various production sectors such as food, energy, tourism and businesses pertaining to harbours. Information on the process of internationalisation, export and investments in Egypt will be available. (Red)


The International Bourse of Cagliari, with its mixed Business-to-business model and ‘thematic seminars’ aimed at the business world, is already a national model”: “Other regions, wish to propose their own Bourse. We are ready to create a network of Market Bourses for arab nations throughout all of Italy, differentiating among them the production sector. Every region is capable of maintaining its own Bourse with the excellences of their own territory and ideas are not scarce. One thing is certain: Sardinia sets an example for the rest of Italy” stated Raimondo Schiavnone, the National Vice President and Deputy Councillor of the Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce. Those who will make a contributin to the openining conference are Samir Al Kassir (Administrative Councillor of the Italian-Arab Chamber of Cooperation); Silvero Ianniello (Professor of Economic and Compared Fiscal Systems of the University of Trieste), Aldo Berlinguer (Professor of Comparitive private Law at the University of Cagliari, and CdA of the Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce), Antonello Cabras (President of the Sardinia Foundation) and Sardinian Parliamentarians Romina Mura, Ignazio Angioni and Luciano Uras. The conference opens with remarks by Mario Mancini (President of the Italian-Arab Chamber of Cooperation) and Raimondo Schiavone (Vice President and Deputy Councillor of the Italian-Arab Cooperation).

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