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A special focus on Italy at the Lisbon Animated Film Festival “Monstra”

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A special focus on Italy at the Lisbon Animated Film Festival “Monstra”

(17 March 2017) The 16th edition of the Lisbon Animated Film Festival “Monstra” will focus on Italian animation until March 26. The festival was founded in 2000 and represents an important event in the animated movie sector at both the European and International level. In previous editions, Italian animation was featured in both the feature films and short films sections as well as in other sections of the Festival. This year in particular, the festival will focus on Italian animated movies thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Lisbon. It will feature a retrospective on Bruno Bozzetto with “Allegro non troppo” (Not So Fast), “Mr. Rossi’s Dreams”, “West & Soda”, “Opera”, “Striptease”, “Neuro” and many more. Simone Massi with “The Wait of May”, “The Memories of Dogs”, and “I know who I am”. Julia Gromskaya with “Flood” and “The Dream of Giada”; and Gianluigi Toccafondo with “La coda” (The Tail), “La pista” (The Dancefloor), and “Pinocchio”. The Special Programmes are: “History of animation” curated by Giannalberto Bendazzi with “La gazza ladra” (The Magpie) by Giulio Gianini and Emanuele Luzzati; “Contemporary Italian Animated Films” curated by Andrea Martignoni with short films by Virginia Mori, Blu, Roberto Catani and many more; and “Italian Animation today” curated by Luca Raffaelli with short films by Guido Manuli, Pier Paolo Paganelli, Francesca Macciò, Francesca Quatraro, Sergio Basso, Lorenzo Latrofa, and Mauro Carraro. Finally, “8 ½ at Monstra” provides a sneak preview of the Italian Film Festival in Portugal opening on April 5, showing “East End” by Giuseppe Squilacci and Luca Scanferla. (Red)


 The Italian director, animator, and illustrator Bruno Bozzetto and the actress Maria Luisa Giovannini participated in the inauguration of the Monstra festival on March 16th. Director Enzo D’Alò, Marco Bonfanti, the cinema historian and author of books and articles on animated movies Giannalberto Bendazzi, animated movie historian and sound designer Andrea Martignoni, and programme director of the animation course of the ‘Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia’ (Experimental Film Centre, Piemonte branch) Chiara Maggi. 

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