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Exhibitions, discovering "Continuum, drawings from Italy"

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Exhibitions, discovering

(July 12, 2017) Contemporary art is protagonist at the Warsaw Independence Museum, which in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of the city has organized the exhibition "Continuum... drawings from Italy". The inauguration will take place on Saturday July 29. Continuum usually means everything that does not present a tear in the fabric of continuity. In this case, the word "Continuum" means the consistent application of artistic techniques and loyalty to a uniformed style. To sign the works is Polish artist Joanna Brześcińska-Riccio: "I invite you - writes the artist on Facebook - July 29 at 5PM at the opening of my personal exhibition 'Continuum... drawings from Italy' at the Brama Bielanska Gallery of Museum X Pavilion of the Warsaw Citadel - Warsaw Independence Museum". Continuum also wants to emphasize the continuous relationship with the home country: Joanna Brześcińska-Riccio, who lives in Italy and worked as an independent graphic artist for nearly 30 years, is back in Poland. Her artistic specificity includes mainly manually drawn graphic works with a finely crafted ink pen, with its own technique, on paper but also on canvas and even ceramic. She has exhibited her works in more than 150 collective exhibitions and art exhibitions. She has made 30 personal exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany and Poland. (PO / RED)


Joanna Brześcińska-Riccio mainly creates graphics, ink designs - even on canvas (mixed technique) and ceramic shapes. Graduated at the Lublin Art Institute, since 1989 she lives in Tuscany. She has participated in more than 150 collective exhibitions and made over 30 personal exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany and Poland. Her work can be appreciated in many public and private collections.

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