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Photography, Rosetta Messori Exposes for Women's Month

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Photography, Rosetta Messori Exposes for Women's Month

(August 8, 2017) Rosetta Messori gives her "roses" to South Africa. On the occasion of Women's Month celebrations, the Italian photographer and artist will be in Pretoria from August 14 to 18 to present and share her work at the Vavasati International Women's Festival, promoted by the South African State Theater in Pretoria with the significant title of "Flowers of the Revolution”. Roses, dedicated to this wonderful flower, is made by 23 prints on exquisite cotton paper, will be on display from August 15 to 18 from 9AM to 5PM within the framework of the Festival promoted by the State Theatre. The photos are the result of long exposures and a particular movement of the camera while shooting, in order to "dematerialize" the real with the aim of creating new forms generated from contact with light. The photographer will also hold a photographic class, from 11AM to 1PM on August 18, always in the framework of the Festival at the State Theater. The workshop is aimed at young local photographers as well as enthusiasts of this art and Rosetta Messori will share with the participants her experience in the world of photography and the vision from which her works originate. (Red)


Rosetta Messori is a singular photographer, whose images testify to a strong narrative tension and, at the same time, an overwhelming pictorial vocation. Messori's photos have the poetry of a tale and the formal elegance of a painting. She was born in Modena, lives and works in Rome. Since 1988 she has developed her own artistic research on the relationship between Space, Time and Energy, mainly implemented with the analog photographic medium. She has deepened the multiple potentialities of visual language by attending the photography courses of Professor Victor Ugo Contino at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and later various courses at the ICP in New York. The American experience inaugurated in 1989 her exhibition path, which led her to present her work in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad.

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