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New Year's Eve: The Magicians of Triggiano at "le plus grand cabaret du monde"

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New Year's Eve: The Magicians of Triggiano at

Known as the European David Copperfield, Gaetano Triggiano is one of the greatest magicians in the world. The new Italian tour "Real Illusion" will start in March, after his debut in Russia and Germany, and after being hosted on France 2 for the New Year celebrations, where Triggiano will perform alongside the greatest international artists in the programme "Le plus grand cabaret du monde" (the most important French show on air for twenty years on the state television network on Saturday evenings during prime time). "Real Illusion" boasts the artistic direction of Arturo Brachetti, who comments: "For this latest creation I had a lot of fun discussing the ideation, the suggestive scenic layout, and the development of the theatrical machine with him. Gaetano has as always dedicated all his energy to thinking, building and staging new environments and choreography for his illusions, always characterised by pressing rhythm and pure energy. For "Real Illusion" we imagined a surrealist place, like the skeleton of a factory abandoned in the clouds by Gustave Eiffel - a sort of Victorian berth suspended in the skies, where even Jules Verne could have hooked a hot air balloon. In this timeless place, magic comes to life and we abandon ourselves to the journey of fantasy. Gaetano Triggiano is the helmsman and takes us, like children, enraptured and incredulous, to discover emotions we had forgotten". (Red)


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