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"Pinocchio esce dalla fiaba": the best of Tuscan artisanry on exhibition

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The photographic exhibition "Pinocchio esce dalla Fiaba" (Pinocchio Comes out of the Fairytale) by Aldo Fallai, dedicated to one of the most famous characters of Tuscan culture, will be inaugurated on February 28th at 19:00 at the Italian Institute of Culture of Berlin. The exhibition consists of thirty-two photographic shots taken in the places where the story of the famous boy born from Carlo Lorenzini's imagination is set, Swiss Pescia and Collodi. The wooden puppet that turns into a child thus becomes a symbol of Tuscan artisan excellence that is capable of turning 'inanimate material' into a live being in order to promote Tuscany. Curator Luigi Salvioli and photographer Aldo Fallai will be present at the inauguration. (Red)

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