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The Zambian Open
Art International Festival 

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The Zambian Open <br> Art International Festival 

(12 November 2018) In front of the local authorities and the entire diplomatic corps in Zambia, the first edition of ZOA - the Zambian Open Art International Festival, organized by ZOA Ltd, will take place in Zambia from May 7th to May 12th, 2019. It is a multidisciplinary event aimed at showcasing artistic representations, interactive arenas, and educational spaces organised for festival participants and visitors' enjoyment. According to the organisers, the primary function of ZOA is "to involve, inspire, provoke, and stimulate artists and the public to experience excellence, as a natural compulsion which, in turn, pours into all aspects of life and fosters society in the long run" as written on the website of the Italian Embassy in Lusaka. 

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