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Exhibitions: Marcello Mencarini
talks about The Roman suitcase

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Exhibitions: Marcello Mencarini <br> talks about The Roman suitcase

(20 November 2018) A talk with Marcello Mencarini, curator of the photographic exhibition "La valigia romana. Immagini ritrovate della Dolce Vita" (The Roman Suitcase. Found Images of the Dolce Vita) will be held on November 22nd at 17:30 at the Kino Lumière in Bratislava.  In the eighties, Marcello Mencarini bought an old suitcase that contained a broken table lamp, a light meter, magazines of the time, and about 600 black and white negatives. He recently decided to take care of the most important part of the purchase; he restored the negatives then digitized and cataloged them. Looking at the photos, he discovered that the suitcase contained precious images of an era. The years of Dolce Vita as seen through the portraits of actors, politicians, writers, and musicians. The photographer is anonymous, but given the style and the places he had access to, he had to have been a professional. Regarding the discovery Mencarini said: "If that morning of many years ago I had not crossed the junk dealer, those photos would have been irretrievably lost, at this point I want those images to be seen by the greatest number of people".

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