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Music, the Festival of Festivals 2018
with israeli vocal ensemble

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Music, the Festival of Festivals 2018 <br> with israeli vocal ensemble

On the occasion of the "Festa delle Feste 2018" (Festival of Festivals), for the series "Italian concerts of the Haifa Chamber Music Society", the concert of the Israeli Vocal Ensemble consisting of 17 singers, exceptionally directed by Steven Sloane will be held next Friday, December 28th at 12:00, at the Greek Orthodox Church in Haifa. An event organised by the Haifa Chamber Music Society in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Haifa. The Festa delle Feste has been held in Haifa for 25 years in December, celebrating the multiculturalism of the city through music and visual arts during the festive season. The Israeli Vocal Ensemble was founded in 1993 by the conductor and music director, Yuval Benozer and soon became one of the leading vocal ensembles in Israel. Since its foundation, the ensemble has been aiming for musical excellence, promoting Israeli artists and bringing vocal music to the widest possible audience.

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