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Exhibitions, two italian photographers
show us Japan

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Exhibitions, two italian photographers <br> show us Japan

On January 23rd at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo will inaugurate the photographic exhibition "Un bagaglio leggero" (A Light Luggage), by Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine and Giulio Napolitano. The exhibition features images collected in various cities in Japan by two Italian photographers. The main peculiarity lies in the fact that the two, leaving their professional cameras behind, have taken these photos with their mobile phones. Not new to this type of experiments, they behaved like simple travelers, free from an attitude and cumbersome professional equipment to let themselves be carried away by the human and cultural aspects of a totally different and new world, without giving in to the expressive and narrative quality of the images themselves. The exhibition - which will remain open to the public until February 9th - is the first part of a larger project on Japan that is still in progress.

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