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A documentary on the tragedy
of racial laws

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A documentary on the tragedy <br> of racial laws

(21 December 2018) The screening of the documentary "Quando scoprimmo di non essere più italiani (1938. When We Discovered We were not Italian Anymore) will be held on December 27th at 18:30 at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tel Aviv. The documentary focuses on the consequences of racial laws and the persecution of Jews under fascism as told by the last witnesses (victims and persecutors), Pietro Suber and Amedeo Osti Guerrazzi. The film describes the events of Italians, Jews, and non-Jews, during the period from the establishment of racial laws (1938) to the deportation of the Jews from Italy (1943-1945). Through the eyes of a young researcher, who interviews the protagonists and visits the places described during the documentary, a largely first-hand story will unfold: not only the persecuted will speak, but also the persecutors and other witnesses, i.e. the majority of Italians who did not adhere to the application of racial laws, but did not even oppose them. The event was organised in collaboration with Cinecittà Luce. The co-producer Dario Coen will be present. 

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