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Cinema and Architecture
University Workshop

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Cinema and Architecture <br>University Workshop

As part the course "Arquitectura e Cinema" curated by the Professor of History of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona Antonio Pizza, the Italian Institute of Culture in Barcelona entrusts the director Maria Mauti with a workshop expressly dedicated to Italian architecture and cinema. The workshop will be held from February 1st to April 26th. The director will present the film "The Amateur" for the students of the course to then deconstruct and break it down into many questions that required a solution in regards to the use of architecture as a film: how capture architectures to make them evocative places? What is the photographic point of view on architecture that makes them similar to characters? What role does sound play in the immobility of these ghostly places? What function can the figures that live and cross these spaces have, which in Portaluppi seem frozen in time? What are the assembly dynamics that give fluency to an architectural tale?

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