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Remembrance day conference
and film screening

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Remembrance day conference <br> and film screening

(15 January 2018) The conference "Chiedetevi che cos'è un uomo. Un ricordo di Primo Levi" (Ask Yourselves What a Man is. Remembering Primo Levi) will be held on 23 January at 19:00 at Casa Italia in Ankara hosted by Prof. Anna Frigioni, lecturer at the Department of Italian Language and Literature, Faculty of Language, History and Geography of the University of Ankara. On the occasion of the Day of Remembrance, on the centenary of his birth, one of the greatest witnesses of the 20th century Primo Levi, a man who recounted the unspeakable through his life and literature, trying to resist it. There will then be a screening of the documentary film "Eravamo Italiani" by Ruggero Gabbai and written by Marcello Pezzetti and Liliana Picciotto.

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