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Music, An-atma in Concert
at Casa d’Italia

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Music, An-atma in Concert <br>at Casa d’Italia

An-atma, as the name borrowed from Buddhism suggests, is a psychedelic and musical journey that goes beyond the ego, beyond oneself, in search of collective expression. Anatma, non-ego: a bridge between jazz and Indian music as a platform for free expression, in which everyone contributes by characterising music according to their own tradition and sound. The individual musicians take a step back in favour of a common and unitary sound, respecting the languages and traditions of reference. The An-atma group will be in concert on Tuesday, January 29th at 19:00 at the Teatro della Casa d'Italia in Istanbul. The group's musical project is based on the exchange of creativity among the artists. Each of them reflect their own expressive choice which is the result of different musical educations, creating unified sounds that respect the traditions and languages of the various elements of the group and transporting the listeners in a hypnotic journey of reconciliation.

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