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A Conference
on the Villages of Calabria

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A Conference <br>on the Villages of Calabria

"The Borghi di Calabria. The rediscovery of the historical, identity, food and wine heritage" conference will be held tomorrow at the Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels. The conference was organsed with the Calabresi Association in Europe. The conference will open with greetings by the Scientific Coordinator, Peppino De Rose (Professor in Tourism and International Markets at the University of Calabria) and by the President of the Calabrian Association in Europe, Berenice Franca Vilardo. This will be followed by Stefania Mancuso, professor of UNICAL Archeology, Pietro Iaquinta, professor in UNICAL Demography, Franco Rubino, professor in UNICAL demography, Gennaro Covertini, President of Enoteca Regionale Calabria, and Tullio Romita, programme coordinator of the degree in Tourism Sciences UNICAL. Concluding the conference will be Orlandino Greco, councilor of the Calabria region with responsibility for emigration. Luciano Gaudio (European Commission) will be the moderating the event .

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