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An exhibition dedicated
to the artist Franco Vimercati

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An exhibition dedicated <br> to the artist Franco Vimercati

(19 february 2019) The Italian Institute of Culture in Madrid has organized the first exhibition in Spain by the artist Franco Vimercati (Milan 1940-2001) with an exhibition project curated by Elio Grazioli.  The exhibition - open to the public from March 1st to June 21st at the IIC - is an important opportunity to further research Vimercati and, for the first time, an encounter / comparison between his works and those of Giorgio Morandi of which there are two recordings, respectively from 1928 and 1946 on display. Sensitive to the contemporary, over the years Vimercati has been placed alongside artists tied to minimalism and conceptual art. The exhibition was made possible thanks to the Franco Vimercati Archive and the collaboration of the Raffaella Cortese Gallery.  In the halls of the Institute, visitors have the opportunity to appreciate significant examples of the entire artistic journey of Vimercati. The first photographic series dates back to 1973, in the Langhe area: these are black and white photographs depicting the inhabitants of the Langhe, portraits that reveal the intention to classify the crafts, on the wave of the great project of cataloging the human types by August Sander.

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