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Industrial archeology
at the cultural institute

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Industrial archeology <br> at the cultural institute

(1 marzo 2019) "Very contemporary: when the archaeo-industrial buildings welcome art" is the title of the conference - on March 4 at the Italian Institute of Culture in Hamburg - by the art historian Rossella Monaco on the Neapolitan cases of the Museum Hermann Nitsch and the former Sava wool mill (Italian with simultaneous translation), as part of the "Industrial Archeology / Urban Regeneration" review. Since the nineties,  the reuse of archaeo-industrial buildings as containers for the preparation of contemporary art has spread, in a capillary way, even in Italy. Monographic or generalist museums, temporary or permanent spaces for exhibitions and happenings, have benefited from the strong vocation of the abandoned industrial heritage to the reception of the visual arts.  We will investigate the reasons for this successful combination, and will be exemplified by the presentation of two cases, the former Bellini power station - now home to the Hermann Nitsch Museum of Contemporary Arts Archive - and the former Sava mill - partially converted by artists and associations - both located in Naples.

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