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Textbook Excellence Award - A professor
from Tusany is among the winners

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Textbook Excellence Award - A professor <br> from Tusany is among the winners

Professor Massimo Guiggiani, Professor of Mechanics applied to the machines of the University of Pisa, is among the winners of the 2019 Textbook Excellence Award for 2019, awarded by the Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA), for the second edition of the book "The Science of Vehicle Dynamics ", published by Springer last year. The motivations of the recognition emphasise that the volume is "a masterpiece written by an outstanding figure in the field of applied mathematics. Both students and professionals will benefit from the practical and innovative approach of the material, which has already had its impact on the industry in the sector". Born in 1956, he graduated in Mechanical Engineering with honours in 1981 and for several years he was Professor of Mechanics applied to machines and Dynamics of vehicles at the Pisa University. Professor Guiggiani has conducted research for ENEA and its French counterpart, CEA . He investigated various topics related to the dynamics of vehicles, both motorcycles and motor vehicles.

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