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Made in Italy, the scrigno
company in Germany

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Made in Italy, the scrigno <br> company in Germany

The Scrigno Group - a leader in the design, production and marketing of exclusive counter-frames for sliding doors and sliding windows - continues its expansion in Europe with the opening in Germany of Scrigno Deutschland GmbH, which will be active from March 2019, headquartered in Frankfurt. At the helm of the company David Rodrigues Duarte, in the role of Managing Director. Duarte has a solid industry experience - gained in similar roles on the German market - and has already formed a team of professionals that will support him in his mission to organise a structured and efficient distribution network, aimed at ensuring the excellence of the product and Scrigno service to German customers, in line with the values of the thirty-year Italian brand. The opening of the new headquarters is part of Scrigno's broader internationalisation strategy, which aims to consolidate its leadership in Europe by focusing on the countries with the greatest potential for development, such as Germany: in first place by population, with over 80 million inhabitants, and with a stable growth in consumption trends. Thanks to the solidity of its economy, Germany presents as having particularly favourable conditions for the promotion of the Made in Italy, historically appreciated by German consumers.

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