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Cooperation: Italy teaches
about human rights in Palestine

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This week, an Italian delegation of the Guarantor for the Rights of Prisoners and individuals deprived of personal freedom and the Antigone Association carried out a mission to Palestine for a three-day training programme for officials of the Ministry of Justice and its partners to present and transfer Italian best practices and methodologies used in monitoring human rights in places of deprivation of liberty. This mission is part of the Karama project: working towards a system that respects human rights and human dignity, funded by AICS Jerusalem (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation), and reiterates cooperation on this ground, and which started with the visit of the officials of the Palestinian Ministry of Justice at the Italian Ministry in November 2014, on the theme of "Human rights and prison organisation". During the training days, the experts Michele Miravalle and Susanna Marietti talked about Antigone's experience and analysed the tools adopted during the monitoring, both through theoretical explanations and participatory exercises, with an in-depth study of the prison from the point of view of whoever directs it or performs security functions, addressed by the President of Antigone, Patrizio Gonnella.

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