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Roj ambassador
of Italian Design in Moscow

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Roj ambassador <br>of Italian Design in Moscow

Russia is also preparing to celebrate the Day of Italian Design in the World, one of the flagship events promoted by the Farnesina, now in its third edition.  After St. Petersburg, where a meeting with design expert Silverio Marian took place on March 5, it is now Moscow's turn.  Today, March 20th, the conference will be held by architect Massimo Roj, appointed Ambassador of Italian Design to Moscow for 2019 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy. Massimo Roj graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic in 1986.  After many years of experience in various prestigious studios, he founded the CMR Project in Milan.  For several years the company has taken a leading position in the field of integrated design, spatial design, interior design, and architecture, entering the top 100 architectural companies in the world. In his lecture, Massimo Roj will talk about the history of office space development, the latest trends and perspectives in this sector.  The event, promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Moscow, will be held at 13.30 at the MArkhI Institute.

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