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An Italian hails from Texas for the final
of the gelato masters festival

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An Italian hails from Texas for the final <br> of the gelato masters festival

(21 march 2019) Diego Comparin originally from Zoppola (province of Pordenone) and a resident of Dallas, is the winner of the selection in Texas for best ice cream, and who a few days ago ranked second place in the national challenge in Miami in Florida. allowing him to represent North America and participate in the World Master, the worldwide grand finale that will see the best 36 experts from all over the world compete in 2021 in Italy. During the final competition, Comparin presented a salted caramel flavour, one of his inventions that won over the jury, "Texas pecan sea salt caramel", a mix of the typical Texan nut, with Mediterranean sea salt. "We are happy with the result. I know Diego, a professional with great qualities, promoter of Italian culture in Texas and the USA, with the export of artisanal gelato.  He is very attached to his roots and Friulian origins, and is worthy of this good result after so many years of work.  I am sure that the Italian community of Dallas, Texas and in North America will support him at the World Master", stressed Vincenzo Arcobelli, CTIM president (Tricolor Committee for Italians in the World) and CGIE councilor (General Council of Italians abroad).

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