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Cinema, Franco Greganti talks
about Kaos

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Cinema, Franco Greganti talks <br> about Kaos

On March 27th, the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow will host a lecture by Professor Franco Greganti - a lecturer at the Lomonosov State University in Moscow. The event is part of the "Appointment with Italian cinema" series, promoted by the IIC, which has the objective to analyse the transposition of literary texts on the big screen. This year, the film "Kaos" (1984), by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, based on "Novellas for a year" by Luigi Pirandello, will be analysed. The seminar will be structured in four sections: an introduction on a topic of cinematic theory and technique, an introduction to the film, a brief vision of some scenes of the films confirming the topics covered in the first two points and, finally, a series of in-depth exercises on the Italian language.

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