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Theatre, Instabili Vaganti brings
In the cities to Sweden

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Theatre, Instabili Vaganti brings <br> In the cities to Sweden

(4 April 2019) The Instabili Vaganti theatre company (Nicola Pianzola, Anna Dora Dorno, Riccardo Nanni) makes a stop in Sweden: on Saturday April 13th will stage a work in progress performance at the Inter Arts Centre in Malmö, "In the cities". Inspired by Italo Calvino, "In the cities" is an experimental and interdisciplinary research and production project for the creation of a contemporary theatre production "The Global City", a performance with a modular structure that can be reconstructed in a different sequence and involve international artists, adapting to the different spaces and contexts that host the phases of residence. Each module is a single performance that uses different expressive means: performer actions, original multilingual dramaturgy, electronic music and soundscapes, video mapping, and VR 360 °. Its original dramaturgy is composed of numbered memories, collected in the various metropolises where the Company has developed its projects.

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