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Photography, Brazilian MuBe pays homage to Willy Rizzo

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Photography, Brazilian MuBe pays homage to Willy Rizzo

(Aug. 10) - The Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MuBe) in São Paulo presents an exhibition featuring 100 works by Italian photographer Willy Rizzo. It will be an opportunity for the Brazilian public to be enthused by the work of Rizzo, considered a reference point in the 20th century's visual arts and still influential in the new millennium. The exhibition, which starts today and will end on Septemeber 7th, will feature 100 photos printed on silver gelatin and cyber chromium, a rarity now days. The pictures portraits movie stars from around the world, art and fashion subjetcs , along with photos of Rizzo's travels to Brazil, including the Carnival of 1961 in Rio de Janeiro, with his ex-wife, actress Elsa Martinelli, and playboy Porfirio Rubirosa. In the 60x70 cm photos there will be, among the others, portraits of Salvador Dali, Bridget Bardot, Jane Fonda, Pierre Cardin and Coco Chanel. Actually Willy Rizzo, who is now 84, work with success as a designer in Rome and occasionally takes his camera back and captures great names of art and fashion. (red)


Willy Rizzo started his career in Paris, where he photographed stars and starlets for Ciné Mondial, Point de vue and Image du monde. He also covered the Trial of Nuremberg and accomplished big reports, as in Tunisia on the line Mareth. In 1947, the English agency Blackstar sent him to the United States “to photograph everything that could have surprised him”: from a 1-dollar machine which distributed pantyhose to idrive-in cinemas. But he preferred women and fashion in general as subjects of his pictures, so moved to Los Angeles where he started a new life. In 1959, he became artistic director of Marie Claire and collaborated with the mayor fashion magazines, such as Vogue. In 1968, he married Elsa Martinelli and moved to Rome, where he began to work as a designer.

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