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Four sold-out concerts for Pupo in the US

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Four sold-out concerts for Pupo in the US


Apr. 24 – Pupo’s concerts in Canada and the US sold out pretty quickly, after the Tuscan singer and conductor announced he would continue his radio program (on air on Radio1) while preparing for a series of concerts in North America. After the success of concerts in Eastern Europe, Pupo will make his debut at the Place Des Arts in Montreal (Quebec), to later head to the Tropicana Theater in Atlantic City (New Jersey) on May 4 - 5, and will conclude on May 10 at the Foxwoods Theater in Connecticut. Pupo will continue to host his radio program "Attenti a Pupo" over the phone from New York.


Enzo Ghinazzi was born in the province of Arezzo in 1955. After his debut for Baby Record at the age of 20, he became famous thanks to the hit single Gelato al Cioccolato, based on the eponymous album. In 1980 he participated in the Sanremo Festival and won third place with Su di Noi. In 1987 he won the Zecchino d'Oro thanks to the lyrics for Canzone Amica. After two more Sanremo Festivals, 9 albums and hundreds of concerts, Pupo becomes famous outside Italy. The singer is also author of his lyrics and those of others, such as Sarà perché ti amo by Ricchi e Poveri. In recent years, Pupo led many successful television programs, namely I Raccomandati and Affari Tuoi.

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