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The Sugar Group and Atlas Music: a new partnership in the name of music

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The Sugar Group and Atlas Music: a new partnership in the name of music

Mar. 5 - The Sugar Group, record label based in Milan, expanded its horizons and became part of Atlas Music, the new music company founded in the United States by Rich Stumpf, former executive for Imagem and Cherry Lane. "In a new global music market, the United States is not only the home of many companies that distribute and promote music on platforms such as Google / YouTube, Apple / iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora, but it is also the home of the most dynamic and vibrant musical scenes worldwide," said Filippo Sugar, chairman and group managing director and vice chairman of SIAE, who added: "A hit in the United States almost automatically results in a global success. So when Richard Stumpf called me, telling me about the Atlas Music project and introduced me to his team, I didn’t hesitate and I joined with enthusiasm." Entering Atlas Music is one of the most important steps taken by the Sugar Group, founded in 1932 by Ladislao Sugar. Earlier this year, the Sugar Group revealed a new logo with the intention to communicate a new corporate attitude: an entertainment company able to do things the traditional way, the Italian way, but with a strong international vocation. Atlas Music aims to provide a personalized service to authors, just like the small publishers of the past, all the while exploiting the potential of new technologies. Among the top writers who have signed with Atlas Music there are Toby Gad (Beyoncé, One Direction, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez) and Makeba Riddick Woods (Rihanna, David Guetta, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey).

With the aim of creating a project appealing to both the Italian and international musical scenes, the duo Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots was presented at the last Sanremo Festival, proving that quality projects can be popular and aspire to international fame. Raphael Gualazzi, leaving the Festival behind, is now getting ready for the international stages. While his hit song "Liberi o no" continues to play on national radio station, Raphael Gualazzi performed in Canada, during the "Montréal en Lumière" winter festival. On April 18, his album Happy Mistake will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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