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"Movie'n'Food" – discover the flavors of Italian cinema

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Mar. 17 - Cinema has its own "flavor," and Italian cinema has always presented an intertwined image of the country’s food and artistic talent: Sophia Loren in “La Ciociara” has to deal with a colander full of spaghetti; pasta e ceci in “I Soliti Ignoti” is iconic; Totò eats spaghetti in “Miseria e Nobiltà”; and, of course, Alberto Sordi’s pasta scene in “Un Americano a Roma.” Made in Italy, in fact, is not only synonymous inwith Sorrentino, De Sica, Visconti and Fellini, the great masters of Italy’s 7ème art. Made in Italy is also the overarching umbrella under which Italy’s flavors and fragrances are combined. To celebrate Italian cinema and food, Dress in Dreams (a cultural association founded in 2006 thanks to Elisabetta Cantone and Francesca Silvestri) decided to organize the event "Movie'n'Food – A Taste of Cinema." The Consulate General of Italy in Houston explains that the event, scheduled in Houston on April 10 and 11, will be hosted by at the Italian Cultural Center and Communities (ICCC). " Movie'n'Food – A Taste of Cinema" will also see the participation of some iconic actors and actress, who will reveal their acting and culinary secrets. The event wouldn’t be complete without images by Rino Barillari, Italian photographer nicknamed the "king of the paparazzi." Houston is just the first stop in the U.S. for the event, which will also be staged in Chicago, New York and San Francisco throughout the year.


As stated on the website of the Consulate General of Italy in Houston "Movie'n'Food – A Taste of Cinema" is curated by Elisabetta Cantone and Francesca Silvestri for Dress in Dreams, realized in collaboration with the Italian Cultural and Community Center of Houston and the Consulate General of Italy. The event will be held in Houston on April 10-11, and will be hosted by the Italian Cultural Center and Communities. "Movie'n'Food – A Taste of Cinema" was prepared with selected ingredients, sequences and costumes that bring Italian style overseas for a cinematic dinner. It’s a menu that includes De Sica, Visconti and Fellini, but also Tornatore, Mastroianni, Sophia Loren and Italian-American flavors such as Martin Scorsese.

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