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Gianni Politi’s art on display at the Italian Chapel

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Gianni Politi’s art on display at the Italian Chapel

Sept. 15 - From today until September 30, the Italian Institute of Culture in Prague plays host to Gianni Politi’s art, in honor of the fourth round of the “Anteprima” cultural and artistic exchange program. The 28-year old Roman artist produced a site-specific project that will be displayed in the historic spaces of the Institute’s baroque chapel, where Politi’s paintings will “speak” to the 18th century frescoes on the ceiling. The exhibition curator, Paola Ugolini, explains that the project seeks "to investigate the aesthetic and conceptual relations, and deep dissonance between the work of a contemporary artist such as Politi with Giovanni Pietro Scotti’s technical knowledge, who in 1736 decorated the 'Italian Chapel' in Prague. Displaying in the Baroque 'grisailles' vaults of the Palatine Chapel paintings by a young artist is certainly a courageous act on the part of the management of the Institute." The event is organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Prague, directed by Giovanni Sciola, and AlbumArte, a non-profit cultural association engaged in supporting and promoting contemporary art in Italy and abroad.


Born in Rome in 1986, Gianni Politi has worked in the studios of well-known Roman artists like Gianluigi Mattia and Piero Pizzi Cannella. While studying philosophy, he discovered his deep interest in aesthetic modernity, and his passion in analyzing and dissecting it through the use of various artistic medias. The artist lives and works in Rome and Milan.

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