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The delle Albe theatre
in the Great Apple

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The delle Albe theatre <br> in the Great Apple

(12 December 2018) For the second edition of the Italian Playwrights Project - a project born in New York in 2015 to promote contemporary Italian dramaturgy in the USA - the Teatro delle Albe, with the writing of Marco Martinelli, will tell the American public one of the most significant aspects of contemporary Italian theatre. Tomorrow at 18:30 at La MaMa theatre in New York there will be a reading in English of pieces chosen from the latest work by Martinelli Fedeli d'Amore by the actor Rocco Sisto and Ermanna Montanari's interpretation of some passages of the same work;  moderated by Frank Hentschker.  On Friday December 14th at 18:30 at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò will be the "Cantiere Dante": Teatro delle Albe and Dante Alighieri with stories, readings, diaries, and reflections and a conversation with Ermanna Montanari, Marco Martinelli, and Federico Rampini. The event was organised in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in New York.

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