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Oslo: documentary and conference
on Saint Francis of Assisi 

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Oslo: documentary and conference <br> on Saint Francis of Assisi 

(17 december 2018) An evening dedicated to one of the most famous saints of Italy and the various legends about his life on 22nd January at 18:30, at the Italian Institute of Culture in Oslo. The history of Saint Francis was soon documented both in written texts and in iconographic art, and the most famous pictorial work is the 28 frescoes by Giotto found in the Basilica Superiore of San Francesco in Assisi. The frescoes were painted as early as 1290, only 65 years after the Saint's death.  A 60-minute documentary will be shown at IIC, telling the story of Saint Francis as it was depicted in Giotto's frescoes.  Commentary, in English, which reflect the latest research on the life of St. Francis, is provided by Chiara Frugoni, one of the greatest historians and specialists on St. Francis.  Professor Tarald Rasmussen will give a general introduction on the life and works of the Saint, as well as an in-depth presentation of the various historiographical traditions on St. Francis (in Norwegian).

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