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Theatre, Passages by Ilaria Gelmi
in Buenos Aires

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Theatre, Passages by Ilaria Gelmi <br> in Buenos Aires

(4 February 2019) Ilaria Gelmi, theatre and film actress, will talk about her experiences of travel, food and meetings in her "Passaggi" narrative show onr February 14th at 19:00 at the Italian Institute of Culture in Buenos Aires. Hitchhiking is the thread of the story.  Ilaria talks about this means of traveling that she shared with and learned from her parents. She tells us about her solitary journeys and those with her parents in the '70s in Italy and abroad. These stories intersect with Pippa Bacca's hitchhiking stories - a Milanese performing artist who made her last trip in 2008: an artistic expression and message of peace. Dressed as a bride, Pippa left Milan to hitchhike to Jerusalem but the trip ended tragically in Istanbul. Food becomes nurturing in a real and symbolic sense in the stories told in parallel about people crossing paths with one another.  Talking about hitchhiking trips means talking about people and different cultures intersecting each other.

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