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Exhibitions, Israel celebrates
Leonardo da Vinci 

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Exhibitions, Israel celebrates <br> Leonardo da Vinci 

(26 february 2019) On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, Israel joins the celebrations in Italy and around the world to commemorate the greatness of the artist with an exhibition dedicated to his works, which will be exhibited at the Federation Pavilion, Hangar 11, at the port of Tel Aviv from today until April 18.  The exhibition celebrates the inventions of the Italian genius of the Renaissance in his role as scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, painter, sculptor, and architect, showcasing recreated machinery based on Leonardo's projects and sketches, which will be exhibited for the first time in Israel. The use of new technologies has allowed us to create an innovative visual experience, with drawings, sketches, figures and models that come to life thanks to holograms, projections and interactive activities, creating a fascinating and engaging atmosphere, which will make the experience ideal for the little ones.

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