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Italian design protagonist
in Kazakhstan 

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Italian design protagonist <br> in Kazakhstan 

(26 march 2019) On the occasion of the third edition of the Italian Design Day in the World, the "Ambassador of Italian Design" Luca Nicoletti was a guest in Astana, taking the advantage of the celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the inauguration of the futuristic Kazakh Central Concert Hall, conceived and designed by the famous architect, Manfredi Nicoletti (who died in 2017). Central to the inauguration was a conference on the Italian contribution to the architectural development of the new capital of Kazakhstan, which was also attended by the President of the association of architects from Astana, the director of Kazakhconcert. The conference was followed by the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to the works of the architect Manfredi Nicoletti.  The evening ended with a concert by the symphonic orchestra of Astana, accompanied by tenor Aldo Caputo.  Among other initiatives to celebrate design day, a workshop was organised with the Chamber of Architects of Astana on architectural trends in Kazakhstan and a seminar by architect Nicoletti at the Art Nouveau Design School.

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