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Language and literature:
discovering Italian Culture 

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Language and literature: <br> discovering Italian Culture 

(2 April 2019) Today and tomorrow the international scientific conference "Italian culture in the mirror of language and literature" will be held at the Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow.  The conference programme includes more than 25 speeches, on four topics: stylistic, narrative and descriptive techniques in literary works from different eras; concrete issues on the theory and history of the Italian language; phenomena and authors recognised as "less significant" in the history of Italian literature; exchange of experiences on the translation of "difficult" texts (from Italian to Russian and from Russian to Italian). The conference will feature researchers from Russian universities and research institutes and foreign universities (Rome, Turin, Macerata, Budapest).  As part of the conference, there will be a presentation of the latest collection of scientific papers" challenges that Italian scholars, Italian language, and culture face: communications, contacts, and linguistic borrowing".

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