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Two Italian photographers
discovering nature

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Two Italian photographers <br> discovering nature

(8 April 2019) On April 11th, there will be an evening at the Italian Cultural Institute of Oslo on moments of natural magic captured by the two young Italian photographers living in Tromsø, Alessandro Belleli and Ismaele Tortella. The evening is divided into two parts, the first with an individual presentation of the photography and video works carried out around the world by the two photographers.  The second part focuses on the current work they are doing together.  The evening was organised in collaboration with Comites. Alessandro and Ismaele met in Tromso and work together to tell different stories of the Arctic through the use of videos and photographs.  Their first joint project titled "Looking for Mobydick" shows a "classic day" in search of whales in Northern Norway by Norwegian photographer, Espen Bergersen.  The second project is a documentary film "Sami Oil" tells the life of Johan Isaac, a young Sami father and shepherd who lives in the fragile and majestic arctic nature, the daily difficulties in facing the challenges of climate change and the risks associated with Northern oil industrialisation.

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