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Theater / Damiano Giuranna's "Le Due Lune" on stage in Tunis

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Theater / Damiano Giuranna's

Tunis - The theatrical narrative performance with live music "Le Due Lune," which tells an episode from "The Thousand and One Nights," interspersed with Italian poetry and arias from the 16th and 17th centuries, verses from medieval Arabic literature, and music from the ancient Maghreb and Arab-Andalusian tradition, will be staged on May 11th at the Institut Supérieur de Musique in the capital. The texts and music are by Maestro Damiano Giuranna, who also oversees the artistic direction of the project. The narrative proceeds through a weaving of Italian and Arabic languages, immediately focusing on some archetypal themes present in ancient poems of humanity, deriving from an ancient culture of knowledge common to all civilizations. At the center of the performance is the female figure of Shahrazad, an archetypal and universal emblem of female intelligence and wisdom. A figure that perfectly represents two faces of the same reality: two cultures, the Western and the Eastern, confronting each other using the privileged tool of art as a particular message of fraternity, love, and beauty. (9colonne)

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