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A two-day event dedicated to Schinasi and Neo-futurism

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A two-day event dedicated to Schinasi and Neo-futurism

May 15 - Tirana pays tribute to the artist and man Daniel Schinasi, founding father of Neo-futurism. The Italian Cultural Institute has organized, for May 19-20, an event with Schinasi, who will hold two classes for students enrolled in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of the Arts, and will attend the screening of the documentary dedicated to him, "Le juif italie d'Alexandrie," in the presence of one of the two directors, Giuseppe La Rosa. The documentary, 36-minutes long, retraces the dense artistic career of the painter, born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1933 in a Sephardic family from Livorno. The screening will be held Monday at 6pm in the Black Box Hall of the University of the Arts, while the classes will take place Monday and Tuesday at 10am will be held Monday and Tuesday at 10 at the University.


"Le juif italien d'Alexandrie" is a documentary written and directed by Giuseppe La Rosa and Oliviero Olmi. The film starts in the spring of 2009, when the municipality of Cascina, near Pisa, commissioned Schinasi with a series of paintings to celebrate the 400 years since the invention of Galileo's telescope. The artist left Nice to begin his work, documented on film. To the camera, Schinasi talks to his friends, with his wife, with himself, retracing the memories of a lifetime. From these confessions, gradually the viewer discovers the many things Schinasi draws from his past and pours into his work. The shapes and colors are created from his memories, especially the exile from his native land, Egypt, that still burns the soul of the artist.

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