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The EU brings the Trentino land registry to Romania

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The EU brings the Trentino land registry to Romania

Feb. 11 - From Trento to Bucharest under the aegis of the European Union. A permanent collaboration between Trentino and Romania just kicked off with the aim of creating a center of excellence at the European level on issues related to the territory, with particular attention to Land Registry procedure. This is the "Centiric "(Centre for excellence in territorial management and cadastre) project, promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento (Cadastre Service), Trilogis srl and FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler. The initiative received approval and funding from the European Commission. Supported by Trentino Councillor Carlo Daldoss, the project provides for financing in two phases. The objective of the first phase, which lasts one year and can count on a budget of about €500.000 with 100% financing of costs, is the definition of a business plan for the creation of a European center of excellence, facilitated by the start of an active cooperation between the Romanian Land Registry and Trentino cadastre, between the FBK and its Romanian counterpart, with the involvement of Trilogis, a Trentino-based high-tech company, and a Romanian company, Urbasofia, already partners in the context of other European projects. The partnership also includes a German company, Ini-Novation GmgH, specializing in technology transfer; Technoport, the Luxembourg technology park; and the University of Leuven (Belgium). Finally, the project includes the involvement of the UNECE, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, based in Geneva. During the first phase of the project, partners from Trentino will launch an analytical process to understand and define the details (technical, strategic, etc.). During the second phase of the project, the Centre of Excellence will be launched. The activities of the Trentino Cadastre Service in this phase include an analysis of the state of the Romanian Land Registry (level of development, regulatory references, operational implications, etc.) and support for the identification of "strategic" technological elements for the Romanian Land Registry . Upon completion, the business plan will be eligible for the "second phase", which will last for 5-7 years for a budget of €15-20 million. The center of excellence will be used as a laboratory for new technologies of interest to the Trentino region, which could benefit from the validated best practices by applying them to the regional context. Moreover, the center of excellence could become a catalyst for new economic resources, through the launch of scientific projects and innovation in the topics of reference, all of high strategic interest for Trentino operators.

The Fondazione Bruno Kessler began its activities on March 1, 2007, reflecting the heritage of the Istituto Trentino di Cultura, established by Bruno Kessler, a farsighted local administrator and founder of the University of Trento. Established by law by the Autonomous Province of Trento, the FBK is a private entity of associative nature and draws its most important funding from the Agreement Program signed by the Autonomous Province of Trento. The Fondazione Bruno Kessler has the task of bringing Trentino to the heart of European and international research by bringing together women, men and resources working in the field of technological development and enhancement of the humanities. It is also engaged in the rapprochement of the natural and social sciences, which amount to our complete understanding of society’s challenges.

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